le 17 septembre 2021
Publié le 17 mai 2021 Mis à jour le 28 mai 2021

PhD Proposal 4D - E Biocell

The PhD project is to develop a 4D microporous and electrostimulable scaffold as innovative cell culture platform that will combine controlled biochemical, topographical, mechanical and electrical cues, along with tunable actuation. This smart and electro-responsive 4D-cell culture scaffold aims at recapitulating in vitro the diversity and dynamic of in vivo signals, which physio/pathologically regulate cells’ behavior. To better mimic the native cells’ biological living 4D-environment, the development of relevant in vitro cell culture platform is a long-standing challenge with perspectives in advanced cell biology, drug screening and tissue engineering . To date promising in vitro 3D-porous polyHIPE-based scaffolds are developed. The emergence of electronic conducting polymers (ECPs) is of interest to turn synthetic scaffolds from passive to active conducting scaffolds. Additionally, conducting polymers can provide electromechanical dynamic (volume, stiffness, force…) when reversibly switched from oxidized to reduced states, using low electrochemical potentials (~ 1V). This uncommon behavior of ECPs makes possible the development of materials with controllable volume/pore size changes , adding a 4th dimension to 3D scaffolds and allowing theoretically both electrical and mechanical stimulations during cell culture.

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